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Thank you Linda. :) I wanted to thank you for the reading that helped me understand my purpose! I think about it a lot when I think of my life and my future and my joy.

Kylie O'Neill


Aloha Beautiful Linda, I wanted to let you know how much my reading with you has benefitted me. Thank you SO much for the positive information about me and my life work and chart overall: I really needed to know everything you told me - to hear it from you. TY.

Zellda Keath,

Doctor of Acupuncture & Other Healing Modalities

Rhode Island

My friend, Linda S. Masterson, is an inspired and enlightened Soul astrologer. Just from seeing Caleb's chart (without knowing Caleb) she saw his connection with children and how he is about connection and drawing community together. Anyone who knows Caleb, knows how amazing Caleb is with young children - teaching them, protecting them, and enjoying them - and what an eloquent communicator he is. Why does that matter? It was a time when Caleb was being bullied and I wanted to know how to support his truest self. That's just one or two examples of so many I could give to get insight on your soul purpose and clearing the way to help you live it. I highly recommend an empowering session with Linda - it enriches my life every time I spend time with her and I'd love to share that resource of her, with you.

-- Stacey Robbins, Author of YOU'RE NOT CRAZY AND YOU'RE NOT ALONE, and Inspirational Teacher/Speaker


Thank you for my reading last week. I really appreciated what you said and have been trying to take it all to heart.... I look forward to our next conversation and thank you again for speaking with me. You have a real kindness and understanding that comes through vividly.

Sabrina Abu-Hamdeh

Washington, DC

Mahalo Linda, very helpful. I appreciate your work, it's like having a dear friend with a giant, benevolent highlighter pen.

Tiff Ferrians,


Just listened to the sound file ... this was a very clarifying session and I'm so grateful that we made the time to connect! Thanks again for your clairvoyance, wisdom and Love!

Libby Goines,

Master Weaver


Linda is the BEST!!!!!!! She has assisted me so much, words can hardly do her justice!!

Kate Daly


Hello beautiful soul. I wanted you to know that I am working on a "Right Brain Business Plan" right now and found some notes from one of our sessions that is really useful. I wrote a bunch of the wisdom that you brought forth on postcards and put them in an envelope with my plan. The statements rang as such deep truth (which of course they are) and I my heart felt thrilled to find them and to be reacquainted. My heart is even happier now that they are in an honored place celebrating my essence/life path. Thank you deeply, Linda. I am so blessed with presence and love you dearly.

Kymberlee della Luce


Thank you so much for the wonderful counseling you gave us. Your insights were exactly what we needed to help us understand how to have a more loving and intimate relationship. We felt your compassion and sensitivity, and your capacity to bring balance to our situation was quite wonderful. Your wise counsel has made a huge difference in our relationship, and we greatly appreciate you for that service.

Linda, we hope that others will have the benefit of your exceptional insights as we have.

With love and appreciation,

Pope & Cassy McElvy

North Carolina

Thank you for the clarity i have come to within your reflection Linda. You are a Blessed Being and Sister to have in my life.

Chancy Brokaw


Thank you so much for what you bring to this world! Angela was soooo stoked after her reading! She called me four times and texted me while I was in class. she said, and I quote "I'm stoked on my reading, mom. F**k yeah motherf**ker WOOOOO" ha ha ha ha ha ha She really got a lot out of it! Thank you! Love you!

Twylia Westling, mom of 20yo daughter, Angela,


Dear Linda, Thank you for sharing your heart and insight in our session two weeks ago. The guidance was so rich and direct. And your loving presence made it such an easy, enriching, transformative experience. Love,

Cheryl Conner


As an Executive Coach & Guide focused on quality solutions for my clients and mass consciousness, its imperative to have a through understanding of the big picture of universal trends, perspective about my current "tests and opportunities" in mastery lessons, and my divine plan for serving people and the planet. Linda's gifts offer visceral and divine truth, to gain this perspective. Due to her sweet and direct nature, her guidance has influenced the way that my vision is demonstrated and chartered, for the year. Linda's gifts in the astrological realm, provided keen insight as to what's intended for me (in the 3D) and served as a reflection, for all the inner work that has been accomplished through co-creation. This barometer is the ultimate gift.

Michelle Ewalt


Dear Linda, What an amazing, informative session! It’s wonderful what service you provide. Thank you! Faith & Mike Almasi

New Mexico

linda, you told me in session that my grand cross/square refers to me having an unhealed belief surrounding my misuse of power (karma). i normally let our conversations stew for a couple of weeks before i re-visit them. and a few days ago i had an aha moment .... all was revealed. as soon as i heard it (message from god, from my higher self ....) it made complete sense. it was so obvious, but hidden from me until now. bless you linda for bringing healing to me and many souls who genuinely desire to LIVE their souls' purpose. i had been partially living my soul's purpose of serving the collective consciousness until now. your clarity, love and kindness have carried me through times of uncertainty. i am in deep gratitude for you linda. mahalo. Xlorix

Kauai, HI

You've given me the most real & solid advice anyone ever has...things I can actually do on a day to day basis that create positive results and change ~ grateful,

Lovelight Crystals

Melbourne, Australia

I have found Linda's assistance in my journey of self-discovery and empowerment to be invaluable. She provides very pertinent awareness and perspective that in turn has helped me find my way back home to my Self.



Dear Linda, Thank you, again!! You have helped me tremendously! I look forward to meeting you someday. You are amazing! Your friend,

Kerri Huff


Thank you so much for your beautiful reading. I was really left feeling quite honored, loved and educated. I believe your insight which you relayed to me in your in-depth natal chart reading was on the deepest spiritual level, coming from a very insightful, intuitive, well educated, spiritual, genuine and loving place on your part which makes it such a wonderful, treasured message to receive for me. Thank you so very much, Linda. Love,

Kiki Metronome


Dear Linda, words or even tons more money do not, cannot, express my GRATITUDE. WOW! I’ll let you know how my transformation is going. Thanks for making your work affordable. Many blessings & warmest Aloha,


Kauai, HI

You have truly moved into a very creative and productive time of your life. Your reading for me was full of integrity and insight. I continue to work with it daily. The sacred union you spoke of has even entered into my dreamtime.

Leslie Larsen

Anahola, HI

Working with you, Linda, opened corridors, lifetimes worth of clearing. From beginning to end, it was an alchemical odyssey that worked me deeply from the inside..... My soul felt seen and celebrated in your company.... This work and recognition has opened the space for my true will, for home.

Liz Rymland

Santa Cruz, CA

hello love!

Though I have worked with intuitives and healers in the past, the work that we did together felt more powerful than what I can recall from any other experience I have had.Thank you so much for the work that you are doing. I feel very blessed and honored to have shared that space with you. And I love that you set such an amazing intention at the beginning, and it was so selfless. Much thanks, much love, peace....

Twylia Westling

Tacoma, WA

My world is unfolding with such amazing grace, thanks to our time together. I am humbled, filled with gratitude for assisting me in getting closer to my soul's calling! Love to you.

Claire Chew

Venice, CA

I just wanted to say thank you again for the chart you did for me and your follow-up explanation of it. I have listened to it a few times and have again today. It is serving as very useful information as new opportunities come to me in my experience and the information helps me to consider how to work with a few new developments that are coming my way. All good stuff. Your gifts are truly special. Bless you.

Alan D.

Denver, CO

Linda, I wanted to thank you immensely for my recent reading. In general, I am pretty self reliant about navigating my own course. But sometimes trusting one's own inner guidance seems difficult. The reading that you did for me helped me to clarify and confirm things for me in both my professional and personal life. Sometimes one just needs confirmation that one's on the right tack. Your reading did that for me in spades. Now I can be more confident as I go forward. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Dana Hayne

Nurse, Mother, Wife

Narberth, PA

Listening to our session and having Ah Ha's all over the place. Again, thank you! What you give is priceless.

Rosemary Rawcliffe

Frame of Mind Films

Albany, CA

Linda Masterson is a brilliant multifaceted astrologer. She blends a vast knowledge of astrology with intuitive messages from the spirit world. The resulting information is clear and concise for those on the path of spiritual growth.

John Moseley

Hanalei, HI

Our family gained several valuable insights from our Family Constellation Reading. Working with Linda for close to 10 years, I continue to enjoy her expert integration of astrology with information from The Guides. She skillfully communicates her insights in a concise format to help lead us all to our Soul Purpose.


Joan Maas, CA

Linda has given me guidance on several occasions, all of which I've found very supportive, she has recently shared with me how the Cardinal T-Square is reflected in my chart and the energies available to me. It has been incredibly insightful; deepening my understanding of myself and supporting me in harmonizing the parts of my personality that aren't authentic to my true nature. Her insights and knowledge speak directly to my heart. As the energies of 2012 call us forth to our soul's purpose I find that Linda's work gives me tangible information for me to consciously work with. I highly recommend her work to any and everyone that is driven to fully awaken to their souls purpose! I have a deep love and respect for this woman!

Alaya DeNoyelles

Kapa'a, HI

I am in gratitude for your guidance. Working with the bereaved has been my heartfelt calling for some years, your session assisted in clarifying and confirming my purpose at a much deeper level, healing and deepening my connection with spirit. I feel like my passion and inspiration has been re-ignited. You are a blessing to many and I highly recommend your work to anyone who wishes to connect with manifesting their soul's purpose. So much love and light to you! Blessings,

Claire Chew

Venice, CA

Linda's keen ability to articulate the energies and options within a chart are astounding. We have had many readers over the years and while the information has always been helpful, Linda's information is 'activating'. She is devoted to Spirit and is an impeccable example of how 'living your truth' manifests. A 'reader of readers', her work is a testimony to the Love and Light she is bringing forth for those lucky enough to know her. If you have the good fortune of finding out about her, consider yourself 'Blessed beyond measure'.

Trish and Tom Lee,

Sanctuary of the Heart

Sheep Mountain, AK

Our soul space time was so precious. Thank you ever so much for our deep insights, lovingkindness and generosity of spirit. I keep running through the many insights as the week has progressed and look forward to hearing the MP3.

Cheryl Conner

Sherborn, MA

Linda has been a friend of mine for about 7 yrs. I met her in Hawaii thru my sister. I had a reading from her in 2005 and she is VERY SPECIAL IN HER GIFT.

Lou Rawlins


I wanted to write to thank you from my heart and entire being for our session the other day. I know you know that a transmission occurs during your sessions. Each reading is profound and informative and different layers of interpretation have been revealed as we work together. I know this is possible as we BOTH are growing and expanding and shifting in our work and our mission here. I deeply honor and am so grateful for your gifts and abilities to facilitate this beautiful and sacred work.

Lida Martin

Port Hueneme, CA

As I sat and listened to Linda reading my chart, I kept smiling. Everything she said was spot on. One of the most helpful insights from the reading was when she identified specific months for us to make significant changes to our business strategy, based on certain openings or blessings from my soul purpose read out. I also now know when its in my best interest to launch my upcoming business book.

Chris Melching

Co-Founder of Center Stage Group and Power Camp

San Jose, CA

Linda, Thank you so much! This reading is the most useful, enlightening information to date! There is potent language provided and I am so grateful to you for this support! I've listened to the recording 3x and still I am amazed at the quality of information provided. It is so thorough and useful!!!

Fran Tyson

Kalaheo, HI

Linda did not just read my astrological chart, she read my life! There was something so reassuring and affirming about learning the rhyme and reason to the ebbs and flows of my life and emotional world, and the subtle challenges I thought only I knew about. It was like someone saying, 'Just look here in your chart, this is why...'

Linda has helped me to understand myself more, and to feel more at peace with the two parts of myself shown in my chart: the potential I am here to unleash, and the challenges I need to transcend in order to do so. And this is not just intellectual learning, as I have experienced an energetic shift into quality action since my reading.

I truly feel that Linda is a Master in her field, who brings a focused, heightened attunement to the experience of interpreting astrological charts at a very deep, Soul level.



Linda's reading was the best ever. Deeply spiritual, eminently practical, she creates a magical blend, synthesized from the best of science, intuition and sheer wizardry. Not to be missed!

Malone McRaine

Princeville, HI

Hey Linda! I just wanted to say thank you so much for doing my Soul Astrology. It really opened my eyes to how much i want to do something with my life. And how i really don't want to be just another person. And I'm not. Everything you said to me was spot on, it all made so much sense. It felt really good to have someone like you understand me so well, as many people don't. I can't thank you enough! Hope To See You Soon :)

Emma Drejes, 13 yo

Felton, CA

The Soul reading by Linda inspired and humbled me to pursue the path that I have come to know is my chosen purpose at this transformational time on Earth. The reading not only accurately confirmed what I have learned about my Higher Self, childhood and current challenges, talents and interests, but also provided new insights to support them. Each insight Linda channeled was amazing and rang true to my inner knowing. As a person who has been skeptical of astrological readings in the past, I can truthfully say Linda's beautiful and unique gifts as a Soul reader are heartfelt, genuine and wonderfully exceptional. Five+ stars!

Suzanne Odette

Phoenix, AZ

Linda's astrology reading was intuitive and heart-felt and provided me with a framework for deepening my understanding of my own inner dynamics as well as the dynamics between myself and significant others in my life.

Her "surf report" was unique and very helpful in enlightening those times of increased activity in my chart, especially to one such as myself who has a limited understanding of the language of astrology. Linda is a very bright Light.

Michael Shooltz

Kapa'a, HI

My Astrology session with Linda was truly a magical experience. I have a greater appreciation of how my life is influenced by the planets of our solar system.

Lovingly, Linda invited our guides and angels to assist us as she interpreted my Astrological chart. I awakened to my Truth of what purpose I am to serve while on this beautiful planet. My heart is filled with Light! Bless you Linda for sharing your gift with me.

Crystal Jones

Kilauea, HI

I have had many astrology readings before. I found them interesting and at times useful. In my first session with Linda, I found the information life transforming.

Linda is a brilliant astrologer, part psychic, intuitive and master of this life. She will give you a reading that is deep, useful and can be used to view the parts of yourself that you came here to understand and to heal.

She is also excellent at weaving charts together so you can accept and easily understand yourself in relation to those around you.

Lyndia Storey

Santa Cruz, CA

Soul Solutions

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