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"Spirituality is about excitement, adventure, loving!"


There comes a time in many lives when loving assistance is appropriate to receive. Our egoic structures are strengthened by isolation and the much-revered idea of "independence." In truth, we are interdependent.

I offer assistance in counseling with ones over time, sharing soul perspectives from the guidance level and the warmth and caring of human support.

The results are consistent: clarity, empowerment, progress, reduced tension and remembrance of Self....

"Family is the Natural Habitat of the Soul."


Even the briefest contemplation of Jonah's profound teaching restores the wholesome awareness of the central organizing role that Family plays in our unfoldment as individuated beings and our empowerment in broader social relations.

Yet, what tools do we have for understanding the intentions, forces and connections comprising the complexity of Family dynamics?

Astrology is the only study I know that can shed light on the inter-relational and underlying Soul dynamics that converge in the Family constellation.

Family Constellation Astrology begins with the study of each person's personality, the gifts AND challenges, and, from there, we go on to weave understanding of Soul Purpose within the Family Constellation for each individual.

Family Constellation Astrology generally calls for a three-month agreement, during which time monthly meetings occur, attended by all Family members. These meetings generally last two to three hours and represent a substantial commitment by all parties.

Fees for Family Constellation Astrology are negotiated on a sliding scale.

This work is a particular intention of mine

to serve brother-sister souls. Any family committed to participating fully in the process will be served.

"The Self is the Heart of the Soul. "


What is my Purpose?

Why am I here?

What could be more valuable than this Self-awareness?

In these dynamic, challenging and fast-moving times, I feel there is no greater blessing than knowing why one is here: What challenges from within are seeking healing and what gifts are seeking expression?

What is the Soul saying?

An astrology reading may lluminate these fundamental questions.

Personal Natal Astrology establishes the foundation for all astrological understanding. In this 1-1/2 hour taped session, Soul Purpose, personality gifts and challenges are identified and psychological tools are created for integrating and expressing Soul Purpose. A brief discussion of the three-year surf report is included.

Transit Update Astrologyprovides a concentrated view into the dynamics of NOW. In this 1-hour taped session, we look at what the Soul is calling for these days and how the individual can align with these intentions. Many find that regular transit reviews are helpful in staying on the Path. This reading includes an in-depth consideration of the three-year surf report.

Relationship Compatibility Astrology gives a window into the dynamics of friendship, courtship, and partnership. This 1-1/2 hour taped session examines the main themes in the two birth charts and gives in-depth consideration to the interpersonal and Soul dynamics, along with a brief look at the surf report.



Personal & Relationship Readings

Family Constellation Readings

Soul-Purpose Empowerment Coaching

My services are offered in a spirit of contributionism, meaning that I offer my Light and receive the Light of others in a spirit of freedom from the heart. Ones offer what their hearts declare! Please let me join with you in hearing "your soul messages for now" without concern for cost. It is my joy to receive what your heart offers.

Soul Solutions

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