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Jonah Life Institute: Provides access to the teachings of Master Teacher, Jonah, who has "come forth to assist in the opening of the heart, to bring a message of freedom, of that which one is in truth, and of the freedom to come into expression of one's own power, one's own knowingness. We use the word, "heart," as simply a symbol for the inner spirit, the inner soul, the part of you that connects you to the universe."

New Phoenix Rising: A company committed to bringing forth the new in a business paradigm, offering brother-sister souls the opportunity to gather, share and prosper through the Great Awakening, providing leading-edge nutritionals to support light-based consciousness.

Astrodienst: The richest, most generous and comprehensive astrology site I know of.

The Living Connection: Eileen Murray works with ones in by "opening the records" of the Akashic realm and providing guidance.

Andara Gems: Wonderful andara gemstones based on sacred geometry, gemstone healings, alchemical blends by Crystal Jones of Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii.

Photography for Real People: Kat Hemrich captures people's essences in wonderful portraits.

Center Stage Group: Chris, Lisa & the PC Team present Power Camp, a leadership-effectiveness training. Your approach has a direct impact on how well you motivate, influence and inspire others. Highly recommended for fostering organizational well-being and purpose-driven execution.

Ceremonies by Sue Morales: Sue Morales is a gifted and heartfelt celebrant for weddings and other milestones.

Mindsight Inspirations: Jeffry Myersoffers daily, supportive, empowering and life-affirming messages, with images that are uplifting, enlightening and delightful .

Soul Solutions

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