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What can I learn from a soul-purpose astrological reading?

Astrology can help provide insight to life trends, talents, skills and abilities, as well as to challenges, complexes and imbalances. Astrology can help with choices by providing various clues to life purpose. Astrology cannot determine choices. That remains each one's responsibility.

Further, astrology can provide a window into one "cosmic weather," by showing the relationship and resonance between the geometry at birth (the natal chart) and the geometry of now (the positions of the planets now, referred to as "transits"). Many clients find knowing their transits helps in timing life events to harmonize with and/or harness the cosmic energies, thus making the most of potentials.

A soul-purpose astrological reading is to assist ones in hearing the messages from the soul level for now. This is to say that the reading is intended to bring through the most useful and relevant information to be acted upon presently by the client, the "messages for now."

What is the soul and why should one want to know its message for now?

For me, the soul is the primary intermediary between the spirit and the personality, uniting the Light of Being with the extension of the personality in Time/Space. In my view, the soul shows the way forward in purposeful progress toward liberation and sovereignty: oneness.

Why do I need a birth time correct within four minutes?

As Earth rolls on her axis through a day, the 360 degrees of the circle of the zodiac each present on the eastern horizon, each degree for four minutes. By knowing a precise birth time, we can know the degree of the zodiad on the eastern horizon. This point is known in astrology as the "rising sign" or "ascendent." This is the key by which the sky's geometry is joined with the Earth at the birthplace.

Where can I learn more about astrology?

There are many helpful sites on the internet. My favorite is

Soul Solutions

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