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New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of July 11, 2010

Linda S. Masterson

(July 2, 2010)

First is to remember that no perception is greater than Who You Are, nor is there any power over ones power to choose. With this in mind, we have been in a season of very intense astrological weather. Astrological weather is comprised primarily of the neutrino bath emitted from the center of the galaxy and the geometry of our solar system. Our relationship to this ambient weather is a function of the resonance of the geometry of our personal natal chart with the geometry of now. This summer, as part of a larger set of patterns, we find ourselves with a pair of eclipses and a precise Cardinal Cross to encounter.

I have mentioned in earlier writings that the mass consciousness of Earth does not have the vibrational coherence to harness these energies. Individuals and highly organized groups, however, do have this power. Some individuals even have an appointment with these configurations, meaning that these events (the two eclipses and the Cardinal Cross) make precise connections with these persons natal charts. (This requires some astrological knowledge to determine. Consult your local astrologer.) The fact that you are encountering these ideas tells me that you have the opportunity to harness these energies for the sake of your own souls intentions.

Lets review:

On June 26, we had a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse. Generally lunar eclipses are about endings and solar eclipses are about beginnings. So, the eclipse of June 26, was calling us to release unworkable old patterns and clear our consciousness for new potentials. That eclipse was particularly strong in its message, with precise connection with the energies of the Cardinal Cross, implying that being in alignment and coherence with the Cardinal Cross requires radical change within our hearts, implying further that without radical change change that brings ones into alignment with universal principles of sustainability, harmony and oneness suffering and discord will result.

Between the eclipses, as we are now, is a time of self-evaluation and inventory: Where am I clinging to old patterns of judgement, good/bad/right/wrong, and unsustainable choices (stress, eating chemicals, drinking unclean water, anger, jealously, etc.)? And, what new choices am I willing to make? Do I intend to travel with Earth into a new coherent and uplifted way of being? Or, will I move with the discordant ones into a parallel reality where I can continue my dissonant choices with others of the same consciousness?

The New Moon Total Solar Eclipse of July 11 is much softer than the June 26 eclipse. Even so, it is clear and quite pointed. The Cardinal Cross is present, still calling for transformation of old ways into new potentials, still calling us to bring our mastery into action through recognizing, honoring and expressing our unique talents, skills and abilities.

The Cardinal Cross is touched powerfully and lovingly by Mercury being trine to Uranus/Jupiter, sextile to Saturn and quincunx to Pluto. To me this configuration calls us to allow our conscious minds (Mercury) to harmonize with our superconsciousness (Jupiter/Uranus) and with our wisdom/mastery (Saturn), to allow the repressed unconscious to surface to awareness (Pluto), and thereby to reunify the fragmented state of our human awareness.

At the same time, Neptune/Chiron are sextile Pluto in the Cardinal Cross. Not only are THEY sextile Pluto, but Venus is opposite them and trine Pluto. To me, this is indicative of great benefit to be derived from focus on allowing the ways of the feminine (Venus, ie, gentle, magnetic receptive, compassionate, merciful) to support our deep healing (Neptune/Chiron), and, with this, to allow our deep healing to soothe any stress we are feeling/experiencing as the Cardinal Cross stirs our repressed unconscious (Pluto) and moves us to self-acceptance and self-actualization. (As an aside, I feel the Venus/Neptune/Chiron/Pluto connection to be marking an opportunity for each of us to work with Dark Energy/Dark Matter in our healing. To me this marks a time when the healers among us will be bringing forth new modalities accessing these potentials. Watch for powerful healing tools to continue emerging onto the world scene.)

The New Moon itself (Sun and Moon at 20 degrees of Cancer) is sextile to Mars in Virgo, indicating that we are called to PRACTICAL ACTION and that action taken now aligns us with the power being released by the unfolding Cardinal Cross over the coming months. (Those born on July 10-15 have a special relationship to this New Moon, as do to a lesser extent, those born on January 10-15, April 10-15, and October 10-15.)

None of this has power over any of us. My counsel is that we 1) realize ourselves as unlimited consciousness residing in a chaotic 3D environment and recall our unlimited power to determine our course through enlightened choice; 2) take the time between the eclipses (June 26 to July 11) for honest self-evaluation; 3) move through the July 11 eclipse in an intention of merciful self-adjustment to sustainable ways of living on all levels (free of judgement of self/other) and 4) accept the challenging invitation of the Cardinal Cross to support each of us in identifying, honoring and expressing our unique soul purpose as we dedicate our Light to the Great Awakening.

I'll write something soon about the Cardinal Cross and the opportunity it presents for each of us.


Here is a link to NASA for viewing the path of the July 11 eclipse:

2010 Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse Winter Solstice

Linda S. Masterson

(December 20-21, 2010)

Link to MP3 File of Gaby Kornmann KKCR Interview, 121910:

This link is both downloadable (have it on your computer) or playable (leave it on the internet). You will have to copy the link into your browser.

Full Moon Time

TUES 12/21 08:15 GMT

TUES 12/21 03:15 EST

TUES 12/21 00:15 PST

MON 12/20 22:15 HST


Start Time

TUES 12/21 06:33 GMT

TUES 12/21 01:33 EST

MON 12/20 22:33 PST Duration of Eclipse: 3 hours, 38 minutes

MON 12/20 20:33 HST


TUES 12/21 07:41 GMT

TUES 12/21 02:41 EST

MON 12/20 23:41 PST Duration of Totality: 72 minutes

MON 12/20 21:41 HST


TUES 12/21 23:38 GMT

18:38 EST

15:38 PST

13:38 HST

Full Moon Eclipse on Winter Solstice

Last Time:1638 AD

Next Time: 2094 AD


Eclipse Pathway:

What is a Full Moon?

What is Solstice:

Understanding Precession:

6/26 Full Moon Eclipse, 7/11 New Moon Eclipse,

The Cardinal Cross & You

Linda S. Masterson

(June 22, 2010)

(First, I need to apologize for this info being written on the fly. Gotta keep moving today. This is not an in-depth analysis; rather it is an informal overview. I intend it to be helpful.)

A friend recently asked me for information on this weeks eclipse in the context of the Grand Cardinal Cross of summer 2010. I will not take the time to write a formal article; so I am passing along these ideas for what they might be worth to you:

As you may have heard, Saturdays Full Moon is also a partial lunar eclipse at 4 Capricorn, occurring at 11:30 UT. Eclipses tend to release their energies over time. (There are always two eclipses. They act like these parentheses, to bracket an energy season. For more info: The second in this pair of eclipses comes on July 11. This second eclipse is a total solar eclipse and it occurs at 19:40 UT at 19 Cancer.

These two eclipses are VERY strong and strongly united with the Cardinal Cross. The first eclipse on 6/26 shows a very tight square alignment that challenges us to allow our unconscious to become conscious, to allow feelings, thoughts, beliefs, patterns to emerge from suppression into the light of allowance and acceptance. While this process can be uncomfortable even extremely so allowing the process mitigates the discomfort and leads to resolution of old patterns and healing. Whatever we continue to suppress becomes volcanic and life-suppressing in effect. It is likely that the mass consciousness will become more restless, volatile and chaotic in the two-week period between the eclipses and in the weeks/months following, as unconscious energies surge for breakthrough to the surface of consciousness and meet with the resistance of fear and threatened identities. (With all this said, isnt the so-called Gulf Oil Spill an uncanny outpicturing of our collective internal state?)

Those born in 5-15 degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn have an appointment with this eclipse and with the Grand Cross. Those with planets within these degrees do, as well. Consult your local astrologer for analysis of the relationship between your birth chart and these patterns. I think this is enough on the eclipses. The eclipses are a release mechanism for the energies in the Cardinal Cross.

The Cardinal Cross IS undoubtedly powerful and all of us have to come to terms with it. One estimate Ive read I have not done the math, myself is that the cross will not reoccur for ~5000 years.)

So, what is the Cardinal Cross about? First, its about ACTION, change in action. The Cross provides an energetic driver that stimulates, even requires, action. What kind of action? With the players being Saturn opposite Uranus, with Pluto on the midpoint (and a few minor players providing triggering at various points over the summer), the action required is to submit to transformation through releasing the old and embracing the new. (Fortunately, currently Jupiter is conjuncting Uranus, placing a strong blessing on our movement toward new choices, softening the process and easing our way into the new.) The choice for the new is a critical choice in that failure to act according to these energies creates a self-imposed sentence of dwindling vitality and influence from the 2D-polarized energies being released into the 3D environment. Choices that align with universal principles enhance life force by drawing 4D energies being released into our 3D environment. So, we are presented with a very significant choice and, in my mind, this timing correlates with what the Hopi call the RETURN PATH.

(Aside: The Hopi Prophecy speaks of a time around now, a moment in time, when our choice of consciousness FIXES our course from that point on. The two-hearteds walk forward with the two-hearteds and the one-hearteds walk forward with the one-hearteds. They say that no matter where your consciousness was before this, that we are destined to live the continuation of the consciousness we are in at this moment in time. They say its like an elevator, one-hearteds may become two-hearted and two-hearteds may become one-hearted and all living with the verdict of this moment of time. John Kimmey, chime in here, if you like. Ill pass along to this list any comments you care to make.)

Heres the thing: The mass consciousness is vibrating in too low a frequency range and too dissonant a pattern to harness these epochal energies. The mass consciousness will only feel the impact of the Cardinal Cross and will respond by dramatizing the energies, rather than harnessing them. Only those with light-coherent consciousness CAN harness the power of the Cardinal Cross. This means you and me and those we know who are intentionally aligned with Light. Of these, there are two groups: 1) those who can harness this energy in a general way and 2) those with an appointment with this configuration, who must harness this pattern in a particular way. To know your case requires an examination of the birth chart. (See your local astrologer.) In either case, knowing that this opportunity exists is required in order to harness it.

My counsel: Take the time to understand clearly how this opportunity is for you. Are you one for whom this pattern is generally available or are you one who, at a soul level, chose your birth time specifically with this window in consideration so that you would carry out a particular mission with these energies? These are the energies on which we set the pattern for our further participation in the Great Awakening. Also, intend consciously to take the locks off the unconscious, allowing free flow of all energies of awareness: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Encounter these patterns in love and compassion with yourself and know you are doing your portion of cleaning up the collective unconscious. Finally, set a clear intent for what you desire to accomplish with this important wave, where will you take yourself? And, how will you use your journey to be of service to self and others in balance?

Surfs up! Enjoy the ride!

The SECOND Uranus/Pluto Square

(September 19, 2012)

The SECOND of the SEVEN Uranus Square Pluto aspects occurs next week on 9/19. This series of seven exact connections over the period from June 2012 to March 2015 marks the "eye of the needle" for humanity. During this cycle, multiple timelines open up and individual intent determines which of many parallel realities ones experience.Will I be among those thriving and showing a new way? Or, among those in survival consciousness, struggling in the polarized conflict of a dying old paradigm?


The 9/19 square presents a precise and powerful geometry both calling for healing on the part of humanity and also releasing dynamic codes of healing modalities long forgotten by humanity. There is still a strong geometry of compassion, indicating that ones willing to receive support and assistance for healing self find unforeseen, even"magical," solutions.

Ones who commit to remembering who they are in truth, who take complete responsibility for self, will experience remarkable progress in manifesting the Heart's Dream, as their choice of consciousness (aligned, responsible, creative) "pulls" new potentials from the Quantum.

The struggle for balance and equality between male and female energies, within and on the outer, continues, with the female polarity benefiting from expressing independence and individuality, while the male polarity pursues a mission of reconciliation and reunion.

Subtle-energy solutions (tai yi,quantum infusion, laser enhancement, etc.) are more dynamic and effective than ever, as the connection between Quantum and Consciousness becomes more and more obvious. (The connection is always there; what is being revealed is the dynamic and creative nature of consciousness in calling forth from the Quantum.) As mentioned, healing modalities from the Ancient Future are remembered and gain in credibility and effectiveness. Practitioners who are healing self and offering modalities from the Ancient Future prosper with their clients, as the monopole magnetism of higher realms takes hold in their realities.

(Few realize that there is a metabolism of self-responsibility that accelerates healing on all levels. This metabolism is drawn by the consciousness, "I am the chooser of all that comes my way and I can choose my way forward into thriving." All the cells of the human body respond to this consciousness by reorganizing for strength and regeneration.)

As Saturn completes its passage through Libra and moves into Scorpio, humanity is poised for a cycle of profound disruption of all fantasy, as denials are revealed one after another, secrets are unmasked, and the dark underbelly of humanity's unconscious plays out in the light of harsh realization.

NOW is the time to make one's most potent and concentrated commitment to self-healing. The leverage of healing now potentiates a smoother passage as the remaining five squares unfold. Soon the gap between thrivers and survivors opens dramatically.... Those who have ears will hear....

Soul Solutions

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