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About Linda Masterson

For 48 years, I have been doing astrological charts and continually finding myself surprised at the wealth of useful psychological information the birth chart provides. In the past several years, readings have become more blended with input from the guidance realm.

My first experience of astrology was at the age of 19, when a friend's mother read my natal chart. I was dumbfounded by her ability to reflect to me the nature of my challenges, skills and abilities; and I set about right away to learn all I could.

My Purpose is to assist ones in hearing and responding to the messages the Soul is expressing, as we join in receiving Soul Solutions from an astrological perspective….

The astrological birth chart has long been recognized as a window into personality dynamics, illuminating the gifts and challenges of personality, as they express in our inner lives, our experiences, and in our relations.

The gifts of personality are orientations and predispositions that take form as talents, skills and abilities. Challenges take the form of dynamic complexes that provide friction. When gifts are used to master challenges, healing and Soul growth can occur.

In the past 20 years, as part of the rising frequency of human consciousness, astrologers have synthesized new awareness that allows Soul-based perspectives to be gleaned from the birth chart.

Soul growth is evidenced by enhanced awareness, quality of living, well-being, empowerment and freedom.


Initial Soul-Purpose Reading $111

Follow-on & Coaching

Hourly Rate $ 80

Half-hour Check-in $ 60

Quarter-hour Check-in $ 33

Reading for ones under 21yo $77

Scholarships Available. Please ask.

Soul Solutions

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